WiiFlash 0.4 released!

WiiFlash 0.4 has been released today! New features include: 4 IR points on the sensor bar, tracking the size of the IR points (for determining depth), and battery information from the Wii remote.

Since Jason has been busy trying to get a good depth (z-axis) reading with the 0.3.2 release – this is very welcome news. I’d wondered how Nintendo managed to get this information and it never occured to me that the size of the IR point would be it – but it makes perfect sense.

Sadly our Wii research project ends tomorrow – we give our final presentation to the sponsors at 1pm. I hope that we get to keep the Wii motes and sensor bars – there are a few minigames that I’d like to make. It would be cool to make some WiiFlash games that Sophie could play.


  1. Long live WiiFlash! That server is a little gem.
    As far as z-axis goes, I use the distance between points, and I’m pretty sure that’s what Nintendo use too, hence the two groups of LED’s (or am I missing something??)


  2. A coworker if mine used that method, but I think it’s unstable. 0.4 adds the ability to determine the size of the IR points and this makes more sense to me – the bigger they are the farther away you are.


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