I’m writing my own JavaScript framework because …

This is a question that I “know” the answer to, but putting it down has actually been a pretty difficult. However, after discovering Tero Parviainen’s talk “Build You Own AngularJS,” I think I have a pretty good supporting reason.

Going back to my first post on this from April, I did it just to learn the basics of vanilla JS. Looking around too many people are learning frameworks and push code with them while not spending time to grok the core language. I didn’t want to be one of those and this is still true.

I’ve always liked to take things apart and discover what’s under the hood, it’s the best way to see inside of the black box. So that that’s what I’ve been doing – learning JS by looking at the internals (source, tutorials, etc.) of popular frameworks and reimplementing those in my own.

I’m building to learn. I’m building to discover and know how the shit gets done.

I’ve been focusing on React and Redux for the past few months, but I’ve never actually used them, learned how to use them on a real project. I need to get that experience add it to my resume. Not sure what my next project will be but it’ll be built with those tools and when I build it, I’ll know what’s in the box.

My framework is on GitHub.

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