Moving to a Mac

The experiences that I’ve had with Vista on my Dell Latitude have really turned me away from Windows. After all of the issues with poor driver performance (boo nVidia!), sleep issues (crashes when I close the lid 1 out of 5 times), and general weird things – I’ve decided to move to the Apple side of the fence.
We bought my brother’s G4 Powerbook for Casey to use as her main PC – aging but still does everything that she needs – mail, surfing, digital photos, etc. And we splurged and bought a new midrange iMac (with Leopard) for the “family” computer. I’ll have to keep the Latitude d820 until I can afford a MacBook, but I’m going to try to work on the iMac as often as I can – I work better on a desktop than a laptop anyway.

I setup BootCamp with XP on it. Installed all of my apps – works perfectly. When I was still at Hewitt, Citrix worked flawlessly on both the OS X side and the XP side.  The Adobe apps that I use work fine in Leopard. iTunes works better. The whole experience has just been wonderfully easy. Simple. Quiet.

I did have to find a utility to format my external harddrive (200gb) to FAT32 so that I could use it in OS X and Windows. OS X should really have the ability to write to a NTFS drive out of the box. That’s been the biggest pain in the whole “switch.”

I think that I’m going to like it over here.

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