WindowBlinds + Vista != Remote Desktop || Parallels + Vista != Network

Growing tired of Aero, I bought and installed a copy of WindowBlinds yesterday. I picked out a good theme, turned off DWM and started my work day. My laptop seemed faster, Flash still worked, everything was fine.

Until I tried to connect to my XP machine via Remote Desktop. I have to do this since my employer’s Citrix security check won’t pass my laptop with Vista. It would connect and begin logging on, and then the connection would drop. My wireless connection even dropped a few times. I rebooted both computers and nothing would fix it. I even had DEP terminate a few processes.

Unloading WB completly fixed the problems. Crap. Well, back to Aero.

Update: Well, maybe that wasn’t it. I couldn’t get my laptop to stay connected to my network tonight. I had installed Parallels the day before WB to play around with Ubuntu, but apparently it’s virtual network driver doesn’t play nice with Intel’s wireless driver on Vista. Now that it’s gone, everything is normal.

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