I havn’t looked at Chapter3 in a long time. Niiiiice.

That’s Our Busch

A few years ago I head a singer with a voice that could purify Satan. Tara Busch was doing karaoke at a Bucket Party in Charlotte … her voice was haunting. After I picked myself up off of the floor, I went to a show (sponsored by the local teen radio station, 106.5, bleh!) to hear her band (Sheva) play. Well, it was just her singing and another girl on a synth. Only lasted about 20 minutes, but it was heaven. I have been unsuccessfully looking to see them play for a while now, then I open Creative Loafing to a story about her. She’s now in Whales as the singer of a down-tempo lounge band (my favorite genre along with trip-hop): Dynamo Dresden. A Google search turned up this page at the BBC. I couldn’t get most of it to play (Real sucks!), but the one song (Playtime) wasn’t that bad. I’m starting to sound obsessed.

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