Since this whole “9-11” thing started, I’ve been completly uninterested in updating this blog. I don’t know what is the cause … mine and I think everyone’s feelings are so crazy the moment. I’m starting to be concerned about this turning into an Xtian vs. Muslim holy war also.
All of these antrax cases are starting to scare me. My girlfriend’s employer (a nursing home) has a nice stock of Ciprol. Maybe I could have her “borrow” a little for me? :P Not that it would help much.

I ordered an Oppala chair from Ikea. Pretty comfortable.

My Athlon 1.13ghz overclocked to 1.32 pretty easily and would prolly go much higher with better cooling. I’d like to upgrade to an Athlon XP asap. No real reason, just on a power benge.

I’m out of a job again at the end of the month: my contract at Duke ends. If you’re interested in a web site from me, please email me. Quotes are based on the project, so be descriptive. Full time positions in the Charlotte, NC area are very welcome also.

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