There are now 16 random backgrounds. All of the Asian girls came from Usenet, if you were wondering. In the about section, there is a button to switch to a new image. View them all! :P Most were done quite hastily, sorry.
I looked at this site on the iMac at work, and it looks like shit. Never realized how horrible IE5.0 for Mac was. It’s very different than it’s
Windows counterpart. I need to fix that. I added extra warnings for the Mac IE folks.

Thanks to Sticking Out Tongues for linking me.

In addition to the Dilbert cube, IDEO also made a chocolate covered cherry. Check out the Identity Card Project (linked on the home page). And this thing looks more comfortable than the Aeron chair.

It’s TV’s Wil Wheaton!

Allergies + no more pop tarts + Mr. Rogers calling it quits. What a foul day it’s turning in to. (I never liked him anyway)

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