I’m sure you’ve all heard that Brazil is going to break a patent and make an AIDS drug. There is a nice discussion on this at Slashdot. Also from /., How can the same educational system produce scientific elites and illiterates?

This guy has some nice photography.
For some reason, I really like the interface for 4bia.net. It’s … charming. Really nice minimal protfolio from Kingsley Harris. Both of these are courtesy Surfstation.

This is a nice little battle thread on System Exlusive.
When I was at the beach, there was a restuarant that had a catch your own lobster game. Simple concept. $5 a try. Here is a picture of it.

I upgraded my laptop’s ram today. 256megs from Crucial.com: $50. 256megs from Gateway: $200.
I switched back to using Blogger.com for the blog updates. I’m tired of doing this by hand.

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