We had a baby!

It’s been quieter than usual around here be cause on July 9th, our son Gabriel James was born.

Casey went to the hospital with chest pains – and it turned out that she was in labor! After 14 hours of labor, Gabe arrived, 3 weeks early, at 11:21am. He was pretty big at 7lbs 2oz and dispite being early, everything was OK and we went home on time.

Sophie’s getting used to him, and we’re getting used to the two of them.

Back from Florida

Well, it took us 13 hours to get from Casey’s aunt’s house in Sarasota back to our house, but we did it. Sophie was a champ – I didn’t think that she’s make it that long in a car, but she did.

She continues to amaze us – she’s so brave – from running around Disney to joining her first drum circle.

Pictures of the trip are here.