I really need to get out of Lectora land …

Ok, break’s over. Time to start working again. Of course, if Gabe was sleeping better, it might be easier to stay up late and do something. (Would also help if I wasn’t being lazy.)

I haven’t created anything new in AS3 in a few months now. That’s not good.


  1. I hear ya, I am doing some, but not a lot. I hope to start a new project soon that will have a lot.

    BTW, Lectora – yuck – I hate it too.


  2. Hi,
    I came across your site a while back and see that you are experienced with elearning development. Well, I created a flash based course for a project and need to get it working on our LMS. The only way the technical developer knows how to get it to work is by creating a wrapper in lectora. Do you know how to do that or point in the direction of something that explains how to create a “wrapper” in Lectora?


  3. This Gabe has no trouble sleeping. :)

    Our customers often come to us from Lectora and love how much easier our products are to use. Are you using any Articulate products?


  4. @gabe – yep, we use Presenter, QuizMarker and Engage. use them for more low complexity and quick turn around kinds of training.


  5. I understand the need for an exodus from Lectora Land…oh my, what an unruly beast…and there’s a brand new monster out now!


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