VIM … !

Recently deciding that I needed to keep my mushy brain in shape, I’ve decided to forgo sudoku puzzles and learn: Vim. That aged text editor of Unix lore is quite powerful, or so I hear. I’ve met a local dev who is a true wizard at it – his fingers glide across the keyboard as CSS magically appears in the inky black of the terminal windows. And I can do that. I’ve learned just enough to bash out a few short paragraphs and it /is/ pretty quick.

I’m on level 7 of  Vim Adventures right now, and it’s the best way I’ve run across to learn and practice the commands. Cheat sheets line my cubical walls and my Evernote note grows daily. I’ll be good any this in a few weeks – I have to be since I’ve limited all of my coding to Vim. No more Sublime Text for me – not even Vintage mode. :w!


  1. Did you ever get past the

    “if (practice) {

    section of level 7? I can do it in 6 keystrokes, but not 5 as required. I’m stuck :(


    1. I actually abandoned VIM :( I just couldn’t keep it all in my head while trying to learn other things.


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