Social sim. engine, Part 3 – Progress!

Thanks to a wonderful confluence of events and great timing, I’m able to turn this in to a project for work – there are a handful of solutions in the queue that can use this starting next month – so I’m working full time on it over the month of Feburay.

After a few days, this is what I’ve got: click. It’s a pretty straight forward scenario, but it demonstrates all of the features that I’ve got working.

I’ve been able to keep up with my “play” metaphor and it’s working out great by providing many more opportunities for gaming rather than typical multiple choice branching.

One of the projects brought up a requirement that started a new idea – an inventory system. All I really need to do is allow the learner to reference a screen shot to get some data, but I think it can be taken farther. But more on that later.


    1. It’s going really well – and the concept of social sims at work has really taken off since I started this. I can’t post the most “final” version due to branding but what’s at the link is 90% of what the final is (the links is actually much more up to date that the post is!).

      Right now I’m refactoring the whole thing and moving to our custom programming framework. Tons of effort but I’m cleaning up a lot of problematic code.

      Do you have specific questions?


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