A few months ago, I made a comment about spinning off my ramen player for use at work and turning it into a player for learning content. Well, my first project with it is about to go live, so it’s worth another mention.

I’m calling this player “Scientia.”  I’ve added a lot of code for progress, tracking and completion. I’ve also integrated Pipwerks excellent SCORM wrapper into it.

The project is a system walk-though that’s presented to the learner with an avatar character. I’ve written up a short explanation of how the avatar SWF and audio player SWF work together. It’s pretty brief – post a comment if you want more information on it and I’ll see what more I can write.

Using XML events in a Flash player system

Also, I’m presenting at this month’s Bank of America Flash CoP meeting on Flash and SCORM communication. I’m going to create a very simple WBT/SCORM framework using Pipwerk’s wrapper. I’ll post the files and how-to when I get it written.


  1. Hi Matt,

    I got word of your projects through Google Alerts today. Beautiful portfolio, btw — in particular your BoA template demo.

    Just wanted to give a heads up. If you would like some help integrating your engine with an LMS, please give a shout.


  2. Thanks! Google Alerts is cool – I’ve never played with it before.

    I’ve got it working with our Saba LMS here. I’m working on a really scaled down version to post to show how easy it is to create a basic WBT with Flash now. Especially using something like Pipwerks to handle the LMS communication, but I’ve written a wrapper for it that makes it even easier – no need to know the CMI variable names.

    I created my own SCORM/AICC class in Flash 7 at Wachovia – but there is no need anymore. What a PITA that was!


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