I just uploaded an update to my personal web site after 3 years “I’ll do it later.”

Creating this version was a bit of a struggle for me – not only as a fight against procrastination but trying to figure out what I wanted to “say,” if anything, about myself. The result is something simple and subdued overall with a strong grid layout and a little flair. I’m not really sure what that “says” about me – but I think that it’s fitting for where I am at this point. I also wrote my first bio in over 7 years and took out a lot of old crap from my portfolio. So much of what I’ve done these past 5 years has been code – I have little to show visually.

I created it using my ramen player. There are a few things that I still want to add – like sound effects – but I’ll get around to it later.


  1. @clemente – i saw your question on GTAL – i don’t have time to create to create a tutorial, but i’ll upload an FLA to this blog soon.


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