New job!

Haven’t updated in a long time!

On October 5th I left the whole Hewitt/Wachovia mess and then started a new job at Bank of America on October 9th.  The full fancy title is “Enterprise Learning Senior Lead Technologist.” Short title is “Instructional Tech Designer.” I like the longer one better!

I’m doing pretty much the same work that I was doing at Hewitt – creating WBT templates, fixing the mistakes of vendors, troubleshooting WBT/LMS issues, working with offshore, etc.  But the environment is so much nicer! Less stress, more help from other internal teams – and  possible future. Hewitt was just a dead-end. I really hope that they do something about it for the  people that are still there!

Since I’m doing much less Flash programming at work, I’m really going to have to start practicing at home.

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