Ni9e is completely awesome. Nice flashperiments.

You can preorder the new Sony Clie on Amazon now. It’s $599, over $100 more than I thought it would cost. IMHO, it’s not worth paying that much when the 2nd generation (OS5, ARM procs) Palm devices are comming out later this year – but at Sony’s clip, they will have released 4 new models by then.

I sold my Gateway and iBook laptops and got a Sony Vaio GR390. It’s the sweetest laptop I’ve used! Completely recommended. Sad thing is, it had Gator preinstalled. Sigh, now you don’t even have to wait to install spyware.

I almost bit a bullet by adding $250 to my credit card buying all 8 of the Evangelion DVDs individually this weekend at Media Play. Lucky I didn’t with the box set comming out in April. And at only $110! Now … just wait for the 2 movies …

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