I keep watching CNN in the mornings and they seems to always ask: “When will we get back to normal?” I don’t know about the rest of the US, but the people around me seem about there now. We still see movies and we’re a bit miffed at some of the movie cancellations. Steven bought a new car yesterday. I bought a new monitor Tuesday. Casey still hates her job. Ben still talks on the phone all the time. We still watch sports. The only thing different is that we know we will be at war soon. Life does and will go on, and it seems that the media is trying to slow it down so we don’t forget to watch the news.
I don’t think that pacifism is a good answer to this situation. Here is a great take on it.

The new apple TiBook (and iBook) are really electric! According to users on this thread, the caseing is electrically live! I’ve felt a tingle while touching the power cord myself.

I’m out of a job again at the end of the month: my contract at Duke ends. If you’re interested in a web site from me, please email me. Quotes are based on the project, so be descriptive. Full time positions in the Charlotte, NC area are very welcome also.

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