The weather this am is just perfect! Just like fall.

I “acquired” a copy of Windows XP Pro for my Gateway Solo and OS X 10.1 for my iBook. The design of the iBook is beautiful and the Aqua interface is great but it’s still too damned slow. There needs to be a way to turn off the chrome so it’ll run faster. If not having drop shadows on my windows means they will resize in realtime, so be it. WinXP’s Luna looks ok, but they should have redesigned all of their icons. If you dig down, there a still a lot of the older icons which look really unprofessional against the newer Icon Factory ones. Resizing windows is a bit slower than with Win2k but the overall system speed (and boot) is greately improved. But, with Windows, you can turn off all of the chrome and get an ugly, but fast gui. Idealy, a combination of the Aqua + Luna gui would be great, and if products like DesktopX and WindowBlinds are any indication, we might have it soon.
I did a standard Photoshop filter test (new image 10″x10″x300dpi, fill with noise, radial blur on max). Even after I increased the memory allocated to Pshop in OS 9.2.1, the little P3 600 Gateway beat it by ~10 seconds. I thought G3 500’s were supposed to be like 900mhz P3’s?

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