Ok, there is some seriously Bad Stuff happening in the US this am. Who ever is resposible for this will most likely not be around much longer. I feel sick.
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I work at Duke Power in Charlotte, NC. We havn’t been evacuated or anything, but I feel we should in some way … we could be a target? How many others feel this way in other cities. Both Bank of America and First Union evacuated their towers in downtown. (I’m at work now btw).

Tips to remember when designing a corporate technology site: if in doubt, add a tab navigation system. If that didn’t work, add a tree menu (like Microsoft). If that doesn’t work, just copy Microsoft. Blah.

Someone figured out a way to record and track your mouse movements over a page. They can “read” your movements. Ooooh. Guess we can start screwing up their data collection in new ways. “C’mon we know you wanted to shock the monkey! Your cursor was over it for 5 seconds.”

Mac OS9 has the ability to burn cd’s built into the os. I couldn’t get Toast to work yesterday and I discovered this ability. Weren’t people getting pissed at Microsoft for including this same thing into XP?

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