Check out this new interface for the site. Comments?

Thanks to Gecko9 for linking Kheavy.
T0rbj0rn … wow. I’ve blogged this guy before, but he’s got some NICE new Shockwave do dads up.

Blood: The Last Vampire. Awesome. Watch the trailer.

Yeah, think she found out. New cartoons vs. the cassics.
Good photos. Usability Blog.
Virtual Bush. Now that is awesome!

<rant> Why the hell do people bitch about sites that don’t work in a 3 year old browser? Especially when that browser still has the same cripling bugs that it was released with even though it has been updated several times?! Guess it takes that many updates to get a “Shop” button (html editor, newsreader, email, etc.) to work. I don’t complain that Black and White doesn’t work on my Pentium 200mhz MMX. Or Quake. Upgrade or deal with ancient shit and less featured sites! And it’s not because people can’t code for Netscape 4, it’s just not worth making an entirely different version of a site using layer tags and an entirely different event model for a dead browser.</rant> Feh!

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