Nori Bindable Model

Here’s the super simple bindable model class that I’ve created for Nori. I’ve never actually developed a project with Flex, but I really like the idea behind it’s data binding implementation. I tried to create something similar for Flash/AS3. package com.nudoru.nori.model { import flash.utils.Dictionary; import org.osflash.signals.Signal; import com.nudoru.nori.model.bind.PropertyChangedVO; /** * Adds data binding functionality to […]

Nori Framework

Lately, I’ve been into learning new things – one of them has been to find out what IOC (Inversion of Control) and DI (Dependency Injection) is all about. As a working project for this, I’ve taken the Cairngorm based framework that I created at work and started to do a major rewrite around IOC. I’m basing […]

This is cool …

Haven’t updated this in a REALLY LONG TIME, but progress on my framework is going well. I’ve definitely moved towards React with it and introduced ES6 with the help of Babel / Gulp. I’m testing out child components and just coded up this little button thing. Really simple, but it’s damned cool to see how […]

Moving to a JavaScript Application Architecture

Preface From 2003 to 2011 I became a pretty decent ActionScript developer. Starting with single frame movies then to fully structured MVC applications. With my team, I’d spent a lot of time looking at two powerful frameworks   Cairngorm and RobotLegs. I really liked RobotLegs, and being my first introduction to dependency injection – was really intrigued. I ended […]